Someone suggested that I should start bloggin, I have no idea WHY anyone would want to read the crap I write, but hey bandwith and diskspace are cheap enough so what the hell…

Why here?

Well many years ago this is a very (Basic) site that had a few dragon pictures on, Most of them were pretty crap and just stuff that seemed to be available in millions of places on the internet so they got added to the gallery.

I did have a few rather decent pictures, for which I’d gone to the trouble of gaining the artists conceit and these had their own pages, but the design of the site itself was to put it bluntly woefull, I’m not a coder by nature and the only thing I really knew how to do was IFrames *shudders* also I was young then… (Is that an excuse?)

I took the site down probably almost 2 years ago with a nice V3 “coming soon” message, however soon never came, and thesedays I really don’t have time to put the effort into getting permissions to put pics of various dragons up.

That and since then deviantart came along and is a very large repository for dragon images 😉

I keep the domain though, as It’s still used for some stuff.

I also managed to get the original domain back which I lost when changing hosts (They wanted £25 to renew it, at the time it wasn’t worth that to me, the rule there is not to register your domain through your host…. That is of course unless you happen to be your host, then you might have problems not involving your host in the registration proccess.

Hey don’t I type some crap!