I came across this when looking at i7500 section of android forums (Here), it appears that the user Mustymod over @ modco has been successful porting android 2.0 to the Galaxy.

The original thread (linked from the androidforums thread) can be found here

Whist quite a few features aren’t working yet it’s nice to see that someone at least working on Android 2.0 support, it’s just a shame that we have to rely on the kindness of android community members to keep our phones updated with the newer android releases since currently it’s questionable as to if Samsung themselves are actually going to bother supporting this phone with firmware upgrades.

I hope Samsung change their thinking behind this since by not releasing new android versions I feel they are going against the whole principle of what Android stands for.

Since the galaxy is my primary phone I shall not be upgrading at this point but I probably will once some more of the bugs are fixed and this is definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Please note using firmware from 3rd party sources will most likely Void your warranty.