If there’s one thing more annoying than losing at a game it’s being at a point where you cannot save for a while and then having the game itself crash, as I’ve experienced several times with the Dragon Age: Origins expansion. (Awakening)

Infact I was recently in a battle where I was coming close to winning (and then i could have saved) when the dreaded message stating that there was an error encountered and the program has been closed, it’s always happening at the worst possible movement also.

Having a quick look around, it seems there are several people reporting similar crashes, Can’t say i had this many problems with the original game, however the video drivers have probably changed versions several times since then.

Guess it might be worth checking the PC over just to make sure The drivers are up2date.etc But considering it only seems to happen on Dragon Age it’s probably a bug in the game itself… Sigh.

Unfortunately console games are not immune from such problems either, I recall bluedragon doing it in the middle of a boss fight at least once.

The downside is it seems the quality of recent games has gone downhill a lot, since most companies seem to have the mentality of release now, patch later.   Sadly this is now infecting consoles since again they can just issue an update via the online functions of modern consoles.

Rant over, Time to get some sleep.