So went to the “Brewfest, Meantime and friends” event in Greenwich near the o2 and what a disappointment.

This event costs over £20 to get in if you book tickets in advance not including the payment processing costs so I was expecting it to be rather sizeable, but what it actually turned out to be is a handful of tents serving various beers, nothing else there at all…  heck there wasn’t even any clear indication of where people with tickets should go to “enter”.

Essentially for £20 you get less than 2 pints a small glass and that’s about it, yes they had some very nice beers there to try but far far to expensive for what it was.  Really disappointed and if I was the Meantime Brewery I’d have been ashamed to put my name to it.   You’d have to be a die hard beer fan and live locally to get value out of it, when you add the costs of travel it’s easily the most expensive beer I’ve ever had.

Ended up going into the O2 for Lunch, taking a ride of the Emirates Cable car thing and going for a walk around London.

Bah Humbug…